Trepidation On The Eve of My First Sober Business Trip

by Dick on April 9, 2012 · 2 comments

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Later in the week, I’m heading out of town for 3 days for some depositions. It’s definitely giving me the heeby-jeebies. Not that I’m going to drink or anything, but it’s just being out of my routine and my comfort zone that causes me anxiety.

I’m having dinner with my clients on the first night in town. I’m just going to order a Coke and play it cool. I assume they won’t care that their lawyer isn’t drinking the eve of depositions…

The second night I have an AA meeting scoped out nearby. Maybe I’ll go to Chuck-E-Cheese for dinner!

I will be calling my sponsor daily. During down time, I also plan to work out, read and hopefully catch some rays at the pool.

Any other advice from readers is greatly appreciated!

One day at a time…



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    Since I just found your blog this may come a little late but as an alcoholic (sober date 1/7/10) and a business traveler I do have some advice.

    For some reason there is nothing quite as romantic as a hotel bar…stay out of them.
    Sleep. Like most alcoholics, my sleeping patterns were a mess when I got sober. Now I sleep like a baby… A very content, well loved baby. I used to use business trips as a way to drink undetected by family; I now use them to sleep undetected by family. It is heaven.

    If time allows, do something in the city to which you have traveled tat you would have never done in your drinking days. I seldom left the hotel when I was drinking because, well…they had a bar so why leave.

    Try not to fixate too much on the fact that you’re not drinking. You’re not jumping off a bridge either but it would be weird to bring it up. Same with abstaining…it’s your business.

    You’ll be fine. Relax and enjoy the time away from your routine.

    • Sober Lawyer

       Great advice. Thanks!

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