Stacking Meetings Before Starting A Big Trial

by Dick on July 30, 2012 · 2 comments

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Just a quick note because I’m crazy busy at work preparing for a big jury trial starting next Monday.

I’ve been “stacking” up meetings — which around here means simply going to more meetings than usual for a particular reason. So I’ve been hitting around 5-6 meetings/ per week, up from my usual 3-4. My particular reason is that I’m under a lot of work stress due to an upcoming trial and that’s always been huge trigger for me. So I want to keep an even keel heading into my trial, and the meetings give me an opportunity both to decompress and to vent on being stressed out. You see, when I was young and stupid, I used to say “stress is not in my vocabulary.” But of course it was. I just didn’t know how to deal with it properly.

As I shared at a recent meeting, if I had lost a trial, I would have had a few drinks. But had I won, watch out — I would have drunk even more. I used alcohol as much, if not more, to “reward” myself for battling through stress or a successful outcome at work. Success was the trigger.

So now as a recovering person, I know what my major trigger situations are and I’m actively building up a defense to it. Pretty common sense stuff when you think about it.

Well, back to the trial preparation!

One day at a time,


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  • Paul Anon

    Triggers, initially I would drink after a hard days work, maybe once a fortnight. Then I formed a new relationship and a meal out was a trigger for a few drinks. Then an argument would be trigger for a few drinks, and then any old thing could be made into a trigger. It is such a gentle progression. A least we have woken up now, and identifying the major triggers must be a big part of helping recover. Even at my early stage, I can think to myself, yep, this is when I might’ve had a drink, and turn away for something else. Good work with your blog, dick, and good sobriety. Thanks Paul (

  • Suzanne

    Good luck with the trial! I think stacking meetings is a good idea, and it also helps ‘set up’ for your absence during the trial, and when you get back to normal. I’m so busy doing ‘read and write’ projects right now that I am falling behind on regular meetings, and your post inspired me to work on that – thanks!

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