My Morning Motivation | Sober by Gareth Bowler

by Dick on January 19, 2015 · 3 comments

in Addiction, Recovery

Hey fellow friends in recovery. I wanted to share a great short documentary I stumbled across by Irish filmmaker Gareth Bowler entitled “SOBER.” I’ve been watching this as part of my “morning inspiration” even in the car (shush, don’t tell!). I just love the story, dramatic soundtrack, and especially the inspirational message of keeping going forwards, forwards, forwards. I hope you like it too, and maybe it can be part of your morning routine.

I hope you all had a great and sober holiday season. Even if you didn’t or struggled (we all struggle this time of year), get back on that beam, get to a meeting, write, talk to someone or do whatever has worked before to keep you sober.

SOBER // Short Documentary from Gareth Bowler on Vimeo.

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  • Phil

    Thank you so much for that powerful video. I am struggling with alcohol and I watch it every morning. It resonates with me so intensely that it brings me to tears……Forward,Forward,Forward. Peace, Phil

  • Rosalind Webber

    Love this. Im in my sixth month of recovery from ‘high functioning’ addiction (bit of an oxymoron though if you ask me..) Like he says, the obstacles just keep coming. And like he also says, now it’s ‘push through’ not ‘turn around’, which is a great feeling despite how hard it can be. Loving your blog – it’s so relatable and simply written. Thanks a million.

    • Dick

      Thanks for the kind words Rosalind. Best of luck on your recovery. Keep moving forwards, forwards, forwards!


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