90 in 90 AA

If you are just entering AA, a substance abuse counselor or AA member may have recommended doing “90 in 90.” That means attending 90 AA meetings in 90 days.

It may seem like a lot of meetings and overwhelming to the beginner AA member. But they say in the program that you should attend however many meetings per week as you drank. So for daily drinkers, that’s a daily meeting.

Listen, think of it as your medicine. If you have high blood pressure or heart disease, you take your medication, exercise and eat well, right? It’s no different for alcoholism and addiction. It is a disease.

It’s only 7 hours per week. But take it one day at a time.

Before long, you will look forward to the meeting. You will make new friends. AA folks will come up to you and offer help. Accept it. These people are the only ones who truly understand what you are going through. Plus, it’s a great time to decompress, think and reflect on what’s happened. I have always felt better after going to an AA meeting!

One day at a time…



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