alcoholic lawyer

Just a quick note because I’m crazy busy at work preparing for a big jury trial starting next Monday.

I’ve been “stacking” up meetings — which around here means simply going to more meetings than usual for a particular reason. So I’ve been hitting around 5-6 meetings/ per week, up from my usual 3-4. My particular reason is that I’m under a lot of work stress due to an upcoming trial and that’s always been huge trigger for me. So I want to keep an even keel heading into my trial, and the meetings give me an opportunity both to decompress and to vent on being stressed out. You see, when I was young and stupid, I used to say “stress is not in my vocabulary.” But of course it was. I just didn’t know how to deal with it properly.

As I shared at a recent meeting, if I had lost a trial, I would have had a few drinks. But had I won, watch out — I would have drunk even more. I used alcohol as much, if not more, to “reward” myself for battling through stress or a successful outcome at work. Success was the trigger.

So now as a recovering person, I know what my major trigger situations are and I’m actively building up a defense to it. Pretty common sense stuff when you think about it.

Well, back to the trial preparation!

One day at a time,



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