Celebrity alcoholics

Renew Magazine had an interesting perspective on Whitney Houston’s untimely passing today in an article appropriately titled, No Lesson, Just Loss In Whitney Houston’s Death:

When it comes to addiction, we are all just another drink or drug away from ending up just like Houston. And so the recovery blogs and comments online and in meetings return to the familiar refrain: that this life cut short will serve as a reminder not to pick up today.

It’s true. All of us in recovery are just one drink or a drug away from turning into a Whitney Houston. All that talent and ability just washed down the toilet in a Xanax, booze filled bathtub. So sad. And yet so preventable at the same time.

It’s a lesson also about “surrounding yourself with the winners” as we say in the program. Whitney’s entourage — a bunch of enablers and leeches — were obvious ill-equipped to help Whitney stay sober. And who was the quack who prescribed benzos to a known addict? It’s similar to the Michael Jackson situation, in my opinion.

I found myself reflecting on how many people the disease of addiction has killed and how it does not discriminate based on celebrity status. For every Whitney Houston, there are 10 “regular” people out there struggling with addiction.

For today, I choose a life of sobriety.

One day at a time…



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