Pictures Of Cocktails And Drunk Karaoke On My News Feed Will Be Blocked!

My usual Sunday morning internet routine consists of checking my Facebook feed from the night before — Saturday night — an often dreaded night for those in early recovery. (I always go to my Saturday Night Live AA meeting, so I’m always cool).

I have over a 1,000 Facebook friends. Although I’m married with two kids, a bunch of my friends are still in party mode, often posting pictures of their weekend night drunkenness. Actually, the weird thing is the biggest offenders are my “mom” friends who have a penchant of posting pictures of the cocktails they are drinking, which then turns into drunk iPhone candid camera of their drunken girls nights out. Reminds me of the old “party pics” in my college fraternity days…I can only imagine that it is a lot worse for younger recovering persons.

Well, I admit that it bothers the heck out of me now that I’m in recovery. I’m going to an AA meeting with a bunch of drunks on Saturday night, while these drunk housewives are having a good time out on the town! Ok, pity party is over. (Of course, I’m up early on Sunday with no hangover!).

I am now starting to block these drunken chicks from my News Feed. I don’t need to see pictures of Cosmos or whatever girly concoction they are drinking. I don’t need to see them doing their best Dancing Queen impressions or awful karaoke at the local Chinese food place. That doesn’t help my early recovery.

So, block, block, block the Drunk Moms I go….

How to you guys deal with drinking and partying on your Facebook? I will point out that blogging and Twitter has been great for my recovery, and I’ve met a lot of recovering friends online. My old Facebook friends, not so much…




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