hitting email send

I’m now in my 5th month of sobriety, and I still get pissed off at certain things. Maybe more pissed off now as I don’t have the alcohol to dull my pissed-off-ness.

Being a lawyer and getting pissed off from time to time go hand in hand, unfortunately. There are a ton of jerks who decided to go to law school.

So I had this big blow-up with another lawyer last week and it was really ugly and I unfortunately responded in kind to his low-life tactics. He called me a liar, and it turned out that his associate had misrepresented a conversation that I had with her, probably because she was afraid of telling him the truth. Oh man, did I go ballistic. I do not react well to anyone who calls my veracity into question. So this lawyer kept raising the ante, sending me email missives that I was not telling the truth–meanwhile they were completely in the wrong. I just could not back down, so I wrote a lengthy email telling him how full of shit he and his associate were, taking a few pot-shots of my own. Looking back, I was pretty harsh in the email and probably could have toned it down. Anyways, the associate would up fessing up to being wrong, and the attorney send back a pithy email “apologies to all…”.

This is why email sucks sometimes. Guaranteed that if someone picked up the phone, it would not have disintegrated like this. You can be a lot nastier and meaner over email than over the phone or in person. And it’s all in writing, preserved forever!

Now in the aftermath, while I’m not going to drink over it, I’m still upset about it, I’m not happy with his purported apology, and I want to wring this guy’s neck next time I see him. Serenity now, serenity now, as Kramer says.

One day at a time…



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