Step One 12 Steps

(c) Law & Order

As a homework assignment for Step One work, my sponsor told me to read Step 1 out of the 12 and 12 Book, and to write one story about how I was powerless over alcohol.

Geez, which story should I pick? There are so many….

Then this thought came into my head. Of course I had to bring it back to being an attorney…

I envisioned myself as lead trial counsel in the case of Alcoholism vs. Dick. I had to prove that Dick was an alcoholic.

My mouth started to salivate. This case would be a slam dunk! I had story after story, exhibit after exhibit. I would shred this Dick guy on the witness stand with example after example of how he went into a situation thinking he would take it easy with the booze, only to drink way over his limit and do the stupidest things!

And he kept on doing the same thing, thinking this time it would be different. This time he would control his drinking. But the evidence shows, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that this guy Dick is no match for Alcoholism! Beyond a reasonable doubt. No. There is no doubt. It is a fact!

The jury would deliberate for merely minutes, and come back with the verdict. We the jury find the defendant, Dick, guilty as charged! He is an alcoholic! And the judge would sentence Dick to a lifetime of alcoholism with no possibility of parole. Dick would be escorted out of the courtroom in shackles wearing a orange jumpsuit with “ALCOHOLIC” stenciled on the front.

If you are debating whether you are truly an alcoholic, try this exercise. You don’t have to be a lawyer. You probably could put on a very strong case that you are an alcoholic who is powerless over alcohol. I know I can.

But it’s not a death sentence. Far from it. It’s a new lease on life — like you’ve been pardoned from death row. The real death sentence is continuing to fight the truth, and not succumbing to it.

One day at a time…




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