The Situation Rehab

“The Situation” Sobers Up

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If you don’t know who Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is from MTV’s Jersey Shore reality show, you’ve lived under a rock for the last few years. The show is a maelstrom of booze, partying and debauchery depicting the lives of a bunch of 20 year olds living on the Jersey Shore.

One of the “stars” of the show, Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino, just came back from treatment for prescription pain medication addiction. Surprisingly, The Situation seems to have grasped some of the basic principles of recovery. I was particularly impressed with Mike’s articulation of the “one day at a time” philosophy in the face of a question about him being afraid of relapsing, and his being humble in the face of what is surely a humiliating set of circumstances. I also appreciate how Mike describes the first days in treatment with the emotions hitting you “like a ton of bricks.”

For Mike, like all fellow recovering patients emerging from the safe cocoon of treatment, the real work of sobriety has only begun. As a sober person, Mike’s career choice and lifestyle in the entertainment industry will surely give him a huge challenge. There are reports he may have a live-in sober companion during the next season of Jersey Shore.

Unfortunately for Mike, the reality show industry feeds off of the antics of alcohol and drug fueled “cast members” like Snooki and Pauly D. While disappointing, the average reality show viewer will be quickly bored of Mike heading to a 12 step meeting instead of clubbing. Maybe Mike can get on the new reality rehab circuit with Dr. Drew and company!

Seriously, I hope The Situation is able to stay sober, and wish him the best in his recovery.

One day at a time…



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